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5 things to plan before you set up your home theatre

A home theatre brings the movie-going experience into your home. But a truly immersive experience is possible only when you meet some vital criteria. Curious?

Well, the journey towards creating a home theatre begins – right in the room of your home. The extent, combinations, and connection options will depend on your room size, shape, ambient light, and acoustics of your space. It’s important to choose your equipment as per your budget and plan its placement in the space. 

Here’s how you can begin:

Identify and set up your space

Your space is the core of your home theatre. Having a small room doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or having just an expansive room isn’t enough on its own. Start by looking at your space for noise levels, or glass windows which welcome a gush of light. Look for big and small factors that can impact your equipment selection and experience.

Pay special attention to the interiors of the room. If you have windows, ambient light can wash out a picture. design your room to reduce the light by using dark curtains or shades. Paint your walls in darker shades with matte finish so that the light from the display screen doesn’t reflect from the walls. When you’re thinking about lighting, look for smart ideas for task lighting, accent lighting and more, that do not disturb the experience. 

Next step is to look for equipment that matches your space and your needs

Choose the right equipment

Whether you like to play video games, watch sports or movies, your equipment should bring every aspect of your content to life. Choose the location of your display screen and then choose a screen that complements the seating in your home theatre. As per your room size, pick a TV or a projector with a screen for viewing.

Also, remember that audio accounts for 50% of the experience. So, your sound system and room acoustics are every bit as important as your display screen. As the sound technology evolves, it takes an immersive soundscape a few notches higher.

When it comes to speakers, remember that large speakers can overwhelm a small room while a soundbar won’t be able to fill a large room with sound. So, match your speakers to your room space.

Once you zero-in on your prime equipment, it’s time to move on with the planning of the space. 

Plan your space smartly

A great home theatre experience is as much about the equipment you choose as it is about the placement of such equipment, acoustics of the room, comfortable seating and more. An ideal home theatre layout will smartly utilise the unique aspects of the room and bring you a fantastic experience.

Start with the best equipment placement – especially the display screen and speakers. Mark out routes for different cables for speakers and electrical power. If you wish to have more than one row of seats, plan for a riser. Ensure that its deep enough for reclining and high enough to not block the screen view.

Look at the various aspects of your room layout to manage different elements of your room that you can control and even those you can’t.

Next, get going with the budget calculations.

Match your budget with your needs

It’s assumed that the latest (and the most expensive) equipment is a must to create a great home theatre experience. But you don’t have to blow a fortune. Your entire home theatre can be ready to match your pocket Today, the best of video and audio systems are available in a range of prices. Pick the equipment with features that can truly improve your experience and setup flexibility.  

Lastly, however sure you are, an expert always brings a precious perspective.

Get suitable advice from experts

Our 360-degree services combine proven real-world expertise with the understanding of the latest AV trends. We ensure that the equipment chosen by you matches your requirements and delivers optimal value. Our expert team helps you bring the joy and magic of the movies right to your living room with a home theatre.

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