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Farhad K. Dadyburjor

Doyen of Studio Setups
Studios are more than mere spaces. With the right guidance, they can evolve into AV temples, no less.

Farhad has been working as a Recording and Mixing Engineer since 1989. He started his career by helping to build and then engineering at The Digital Domain, India's first digital studio for 6 years. He left The Digital Domain in 1995 to build a truly world-class recording studio, Galactica A at Famous Studios, Mumbai, where he was engineering in-house till August 2020. He has subsequently overseen and built 12 more highly successful studios within the Famous facilities, culminating in his conversion of Galactica A into the first Dolby-certified Atmos HT mixing room in the country. Over a career spanning 33 plus years, he has recorded and mixed every possible kind of musical genre at different scales for almost every kind of media release, from movie songs and soundtracks to orchestral scores to Grammy-nominated Jazz albums, to radio plays and sound design for picture and stage shows, besides engineering innumerable advertising commercials.
Continuing to engineer both as a freelancer and at The Sonic Laundry, his own very highly specified personal studio and being an encyclopedia of studio equipment and software and engineering techniques, he has helped design and specify several other studios all over the country.

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Farhad is our National Business Head for Studio Solutions and the one-stop for any world-class studio requirement.


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