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House of Worship

Offer an elevating experience, even virtually

A truly inspirational experience should be accessible to every seeker without geographical limitations. It should engage audiences across age groups, via any device and offer uninterrupted delivery. Taking a step ahead, it can also make the experiences inclusive for specially-abled audiences for better engagements.

The audience must hear clearly with the right amount of volume and articulation. This requires the elimination of fuzzy mics, feedback loops, and low volume that can hurt the experience of the congregation. To pick out the right sound system, the size of the space, number of congregation members and other factors help determine how the system will play out.

What Alphatec does?

The biggest challenge in a large space like this is echo and reverb which impacts speech intelligibility. We overcome this using various technologies like beam steering line array, well defined distributed speaker systems and more that is well-suited to the architecture, heritage-related concerns and reflective surfaces that is characteristic to houses of worship. We also provide assisted listening solutions to reach large audiences.

Our Solutions

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Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh
Shanti Stupa, Bhubhaneswar

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