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Large Venues

Minor details, to create a major impact

The sheer scale in terms of audience, space, and size makes it an enormous and complex task to manage large venues such as convention centres, auditoriums and multi-purpose halls, stadia, assembly buildings, and airports. Orchestrating sound and visuals for a venue as expansive and busy as these require experience and engineering expertise. At Alphatec, we hold both to craft the optimal solution.

What Alphatec does?

We work with leading technology and most suitable brands to set up an audio-video system that offers impressive clarity in live performances and crisp intelligibility of speech as well. Providing immersive audio and assisted listening solutions, we overcome hurdles such as a low ceiling height or high reverb by providing apt solutions. This allows the reinforced sound to focus as needed to evenly cover the congregation with a high level of intelligibility and rich, full-range sound.

Our Solutions

PA/VA, Back Ground Music and Foreground Music Systems

IP PA/VA and Display Solutions

Sound Reinforcement Systems

Live Performances

Immersive Audio

Induction Loop Solutions (Assistive Listening)

Display Systems

Background and Foreground Music Systems

Conferencing Solution

Signage Systems


Our top projects

Indian International Convention & Expo Centre
Jio World Center, Mumbai
London Palladium Theater
Biswa Bangla Convention Center, Kolkata
Hong Kong Convention Center

Our offices

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