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A centuries old church is elevated with new sound

Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St Joseph
Varapuzha, Kochi, Kerala

Led by

Mayank Gaurav

Completed on

20 February 2020

Client Experience




Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St Joseph is a huge 7000 sq. ft. large Gothic style church that is 350 years old. Their expectation was crystal-clear – crisp and clear sound reproduction of speech and music in tandem with the newly upgraded church, making it easy for seekers to hear them clearly. But they were hesitant to try something new. Systems like column array speakers or newer brands were unheard of.


The newly-reconstructed church was highly reverberant with glazed walls, Italian marbles and high ceilings. Delivering a clear and sharp voice of the priest as well as the choir members was a challenge.Ar Riya Zacharias, Principal Architect, Raspberry Design Architects, Kochi alliance with Manu Philip of Zacs and Phils for the church’s Restoration work. The duo introduced them to Tannoy for its crisp and clear sound system, good looks and ease of use.


Tannoy VLS 15 with its very tight asymmetrical vertical coverage was ideal to spread the sound intended for a large audience and with wide dispersion covers the Church equally well.

Since Tannoy is one of the marquee brands represented by Alphatec, we were entrusted with completing the Audio Video installation. Tapping into our understanding of how Tannoy passive column works in reverberant spaces, we quickly handpicked the right column model for the application required and in the budget provided.

We used the entire audio chain from our portfolio to provide a complete solution. Backed by excellent design support, our presales team, expertise of our Alphatec All-star Mayank Gaurav and our technical support team having in-depth experience in live sound application, we simplified the journey for the client. We worked hand in hand with their technical team, to tune the system to perfection.

The sound system was crisp and clear looked good and is easy to use. The priests, Choir, and the audience are thrilled about it as for the assembly building sound system is the most vital factor.

Ar Riya Zacharias, Principal Architect, Raspberry Design Architects


Tannoy VLS 15 
Turbosound Milan M15B
Tannoy AMS 5ICT
Tannoy AMS 6ICT
Behringer B112D

Behringer KM750
Labgruppen PDX3000

Mixers and DSP:
Behringer DCX2496

Microphones and Accessories
Audio Technica PRO 49QL+ AT8416
Audio Technica MB3K 


Tannoy performed very well at site and exceeded the church’s expectations. In the words of Mayank Gaurav: “I remember meeting the architect before the installation in her office and she was bit nervous initially and after the work is done she is very happy. A delighted customer is its own reward.”