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Elevating the audio momentum of A space

St. Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church in Nanthancode
Trivandrum, India



Envision a space with exceptional natural acoustics and a captivating warm reverb that maintains a neutral balance across the entire acoustic spectrum. For all the devoted audiophiles, this space would have been an absolute delight! Such a place was our client’s space, St. Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church in Nanthancode, Trivandrum.


As one of the oldest churches, the client wanted to reach its seekers with crystal clear sound. In addition to aesthetics, the church leaders wanted to improve vocal intelligibility while contributing to the musicality of the services. To elevate the audio momentum of this space, our expert system integrator, Zacs and Phils, and director, Mr. Manu Philip worked closely with our client to create the best, tailored solution for their requirements.


After careful consideration, the church’s systems were upgraded with Tannoy VLS 30 with Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology (FAST) and Tannoy VX 6 speakers paired with Labgruppen Amplifiers and Turbosound.

What’s most important to note was that in this church, a 30-member choir’s seating arrangement was in front of the altar resulting in all the microphones being placed in front of the speakers. Hence, our teams tactfully conducted EASE simulations to make sure that the hand-picked speakers covered all areas of the church. This helped our system integrators tweak and refine the speaker requirements before installation.


Tannoy VLS 30
Tannoy VX 6
Labgruppen Amplifiers


Happy to share that the client was beyond satisfied! The exceptional blend of AT microphones, Behringer Digital Mixer, processors, Tannoy, and Turbosound speakers powered by Labgruppen worked wonders, elevating the vocals and musicality within the church to new heights. At Alphatec, our primary goal is not only to construct the finest audio system for you but also to excel within your budgetary limits. ​