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Ancient alcove comes to life with modern sound

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Church of North Pudukkad, Mullassery

Led by

Mayank Gaurav

Completed on

25 August 2022

Client Experience




Our Lady of Mount Carmel, established in 400 A.D. wanted to position themselves as the best sounding venue amongst churches in Thrissur. Their budget was optimal, and they needed a sound system which is sleek yet powerful without covering up the Altar, which is paramount in worship.


The church was under construction during the first site visit, and the acoustic panelings were designated to be installed on the ceiling only. The floor was pre-planned to feature high-sound reflective vitrified tiles. The church committee had invited system integrators Zacs and Phils since they required the church hall to be reverberant and crystal clear. Before final installation, EASE - the industry standard sound and acoustic software simulation - was conducted to ensure that the handpicked column speakers covered the large area of the church. Conducting the sound simulation allowed our team to hone and tweak the speaker requirements before installation.


We recommended the VLS 30 with Focused Asymmetrical Shaping Technology (FAST), which challenged acoustic and architecturally sensitive spaces. The Tannoy VLS30 columns also aid in audio clarity where background/foreground music and speech reinforcement are required.

The client had visited other venues complete by system integrators Zac and Phil, and were impressed by the Tannoy Column speakers. The combination of AT mics, Behringer Digital Mixer, processors, Tannoy and Turbosound speakers powered by Labgruppen made the church vocals and music optimal and best suited for client’s budget.

“Always happy to be connected with Mayank for all requirements and happy to see the outcome of projects and praise we are getting from customers and competition as well”


Tannoy VLS30
Turbosound NuQ115B-AN
Behringer EUROLIVE B112D

Labgruppen PDX3000

Mixers and DSP:
Behringer X32 COMPACT
Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX2496
Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882 V2

Microphones and Accessories
Audio Technica Pro49QL
Audio Technica AT8668S
Audio Technica AT8662
Behringer ULM300MIC
Audio Technica Midnight Blues® MB1K
Audio Technica Midnight Blues® MB3K


Given the vast area of the church, the Tannoy column speakers performance to size ratio is superb and the resulting audio at site was as per the customer’s requirements. The extension of low frequencies translated by Turbosound Active subs are phenomenal for the venue, and matched the column speaker in impact, clarity and audio performance. After all, what else does a church need than a way to get its message home with as much resonance and effect?