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Immersive, cinematic sounds for a luxury home theatre

Shobikaa Karur

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Completed on

March 2022

Client Experience




Esteemed industrialist Mr Sivasamy, of M/s Shobikaa Impex Private Limited, wished to build a world-class home theatre in his elegant and expansive Karur mansion. Given his need for excellence and innovation, which he imbibes in his work ethic, the home theatre design too needed to exceed expectations. The client hadn’t allotted a particular budget for the home theatre, however, after an impressive demo at CineSpa, they proceeded with the project.


CineSpa identified some tricky challenges before selecting the apt audio equipment for the mansion. The client looked forward to three immersive formats with Atmos, Auro 3-D and DTS. However, due to the placement of the air conditioner duct, the height required to execute the equipment was lacking.

Apart from that, essential rack space was unavailable outside the room. However, despite the challenges, we were determined to execute and provide an excellent immersive solution.


We recommended the Genelec Sound Setup and Dolby Atmos for the client. We knew from our expertise, and after thorough trial and demos that the Genelec and Atmos would provide a quality, cinematic sound perfect for the luxury home theatre.

The client chose Genelec at the CineSpa demo, and since Genelec is a world-class setup with natural sound, clear tonality and undeniable quality performance, we were excited to execute the same. We recommended outstanding setup configurations and the client’s family opted for the most excellent configuration, that doesn’t compromise on quality, cinematic experience or premium price.


Audio System

Format: Dolby ATMOS 9.1.6

LCR Monitors: Genelec S360

Surround Monitors: Genelec AIW26

Ceiling Monitors: Genelec 8350

Subwoofer: Genelec 7382A


The resulting sound experience has been well received and performed optimally, even after the format setup could not be completed due to the original constraints. The superior Genelec setup with impressive Surround and Ceiling Monitors, Subwoofers and with powerful Dolby Atmos sound creates an immersive cinema sound for this home theatre. We like to call it, a ‘sound solution’.