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Nature Way

Shourya Nature Way resort
Sri Ganganagar



Shourya Nature Way resort in Sri Ganganagar was envisioned as a haven deeply connected to nature, boasting green amenities and aiming to craft a truly unique and immersive experience. The resort features multiple zones, including a spacious parking area, green spaces for events, a live performance area, a swimming pool, and a cafe. The key requirement was to integrate a high-quality audio system throughout the resort to enhance the visitor experience. This system had to support a range of activities, from live performances and DJ events to creating a pleasant ambient sound throughout the resort.


Designing an audio system for the resort presented several challenges. The resort's structure, with its extensive use of glass and high ceilings, created complex acoustic challenges. The U-shaped design of the main club area required careful speaker placement and tuning to minimize reverberation and delay. Meanwhile, ensuring audio and video connectivity across six distinct zones demanded a sophisticated networking solution. The need for high-quality sound in diverse environments, from indoor spaces to open green areas, necessitated the use of robust, weather-resistant equipment. Additionally, maintaining consistent audio quality in a large and open-air setting with variable audience sizes required planning.


Alphatec, leveraging its expertise in audio integration, delivered a comprehensive solution tailored to Shourya Nature Way’s unique needs. Our system integrators implemented a high-fidelity audio system using VX 18 speakers, designed for loud, clear sound even in challenging acoustic environments. They also installed specialized corrugated metal sheets with absorbent materials to manage reverberation and improve sound clarity. Moreover, the integrators installed a sophisticated video and audio matrix system, enabling seamless content sharing across the resort's six zones. This setup allows guests in one area to experience events occurring in another, enhancing the overall visitor experience. Our system integrators also been planning to set up acoustic curtains aimed at lessening the effect of sound waves, providing a solution to diminish noise levels within a designated area. The role of AV acoustics was also crucial in overcoming some of the challenges.To ensure durability and consistent performance, Turbosound iP1000 speakers were selected for the swimming pool and other outdoor areas. These speakers are designed to withstand outdoor conditions while delivering high-quality sound. The audio system was integrated with automation features, including Spotify and automated DJ setups, to ensure continuous operation even in the absence of technical personnel. The resort relies on Tannoy speakers for clear sound, Panasonic for projection, Cisco for networking, Audiopro for audio streaming, and Atlona, Kramer, and Cisco for video. Amplifiers from and Behringer round out the setup, ensuring a seamless audiovisual experience for all guests.In a truly forward-thinking approach, all speakers seamlessly communicate within the zone system, mirroring the integration seen in the video setup. This holistic integration underscores our commitment to cutting-edge technology and ensures a fully integrated experience across the resort.Alphatec’s innovative audio integration at Shourya Nature Way exemplifies the company’s ability to deliver complex and multi-zone audio solutions in challenging environments. The result is a technologically advanced, immersive experience that aligns with the resort's natural, holistic vision.