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For sound that rises to the occasion

St. Michael's Church Chembumukku,
Kerala, India

Led by

Dwayne Das & Mayank Gaurav

Completed on

5 May 2022

Client Experience




A growing church, beloved by its members, St. Michael's Church wanted to bring energy and emotion to celebrations of worship, whether over the microphone or from an organ or piano. For this, it needed clear, simple and high-quality systems that would reflect the tone of the church. It required a sound system that was designed to make sure the voice of the church was heard, loud and clear, so the church could sound great, no matter the size of the congregation.


Due to the large size of the church, it relied on four Tannoy VLS30 columns to cover a majority of seats. While the EASE speaker performance was satisfactory, the location and height of its mounts were revised. This was done in coordination with architects and the Alpahtec team who installed the speakers. The coverage was found to be uniform and the sound was crisp and clear for every person in the church.


The combination of AT mics, a Behringer Digital mixer and Tannoy and Turbosound speakers W-power by Labgruppen and Behringer Amos made it optimal and best suited for the budget. Completing EASE before installing the system helped fine tune the system at final stages.

As the performance to size ratio of Tannoy column speakers was found to be excellent, it helped deliver an outstanding performance at the site. An extension of low frequencies translated by Turbosiund Active subs was found to be phenomenal for the venue and matched the column speaker performance.

The confidence we had about the audio plan was due to the professionalism of Zacs and Phils the Audio integration company. It was the careful and dedicated approach from Mr. Manu Philip, the System Integrator, that made everything fast, smooth and possible.

On behalf of the Church Committee - Fr. Rex Joseph Arakkaparambil, Audio consultant, Archdiocese of Veraoly, Kerala, India


Tannoy VLS30
Tannoy AMS 8DC-WH
Turbosound M18B
Turbosound NUQ82
Behringer DR110DSP

Labgruppen PD3000
Behringer – KM750
Behringer NX3000D

Mixers and DSP:
Behringer X32 Compact
Behringer S32
Behringer DCX2496 

Microphones and Accessories
Audio Technica U859QL+ AT8153
Audio Technica AT8668S
Audio Technica AT8662
Audio Technica ATW-2120B
Audio Technica MB3K 


Finalising the audio system for St. Michael 's Church at Chembumukku was an outstanding experience. The professionalism of Zacs and Phils - the Audio integration company, brought out the confidence of the audio plan. The scientific evaluation of the plan of the Church building was done in an accurate manner. The audio plan for the Church emerged from a clear understanding of the acoustic characteristics of the building. All in all, a time when the sound rose to the occasion.