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St. Sebastian's Major Archi-Episcopal Pilgrim Forane Church

St. Sebastian's Major Archi-Episcopal Pilgrim Forane Church
Nedumkandam, Kerala



Nestled in the hills of Nedumkandam, Kerala, St. Sebastian's Major Archi-Episcopal Pilgrim Forane Church embarked on its faith journey with a mere 50 families. Today, it proudly embraces a thriving community of over 1,000 families under the Nedumkandam parish and has transitioned into a new church to continue its spiritual future. Recognizing the significance of the Word in prayer, the hurch was dedicated to enhancing its spiritual ambiance through the integration of top-notch audio systems.


However, the physical space presented challenges, featuring substantial reverberation, minimal acoustic treatment limited to carpeting, and reflective surfaces adding to the complexity. Yet, with calibration using EASE software, a harmonious blend of intelligibility and aesthetics was achieved.Guided by the expertise of Zacs and Phils, the church underwent a professional audio transformation. The newly incorporated audio systems showcase esteemed brands such as Tannoy, Audio-Technica India, Turbosound, Lab Gruppen, and Yamaha Professional Audio. The focus on detail aimed to deliver impeccable sound quality, ensuring comprehensive coverage and a good frequency response for musical performances and inspirational sermons.


Tannoy VLS 30

FAST-equipped VLS arrays

Lab Gruppen amplifiers

Audio-Technica microphones

Turbosound Milan 12 powered systems


The comprehensive solution package comprised Tannoy VLS 30 speakers with FAST-equipped VLS arrays, Lab Gruppen amplifiers, Audio-Technica microphones, Yamaha DM3S Mixing Console, and other integral components. To monitor proceedings effectively, Turbosound Milan 12 powered systems found their place at the Altar and Bema, complemented by strategically positioned Audio-Technica microphones. Turbosound iNSPIRE iP82 speakers for the balcony area. These choices were made because both speaker models are full-range, capable of delivering a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20 kHz (-10 dB), and have a nominal dispersion of 100° horizontal and 60° vertical at -6 dB points, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the church's large area.To power the speakers, we selected amplifiers from Behringer, known for their reliability and performance. Additionally, we opted for an analog mixing console from Yamaha to manage the audio signals effectively. This combination of equipment was chosen to provide high-quality sound reinforcement for the church's diverse needs. The client had previously toured venues where system integrators Zacs and Phil had carried out installations, and they were quite impressed with the work completed. Zac and Phil, known for their expertise in church audio solutions, were confident in recommending Turbosound speakers poweredby Behringer amplifiers. This confidence stemmed from their successful installation of Turbosound speakers in a church in Cochin eight years ago, which continues to deliver exceptional sound quality.


The outcome of the system tuning received positive feedback from priests both within and beyond the community. They praised the clarity of speech and the musical quality, with the Archpriest expressing deep satisfaction, emphasizing the paramount importance of intelligibility in sound. The success of this transformative project extends beyond technical specifications and reflects in the heartfelt responses of the church community. Their testimonials underscore the profound impact of the new audio systems on the spiritual journey of those who engage with the sacred space. At Alphatec, our commitment lies in delivering bespoke audiovisual systems that contribute to a richer, and premium experience.