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Delivering an immersive spiritual experience

Salem Mar Thoma Church,
Thalachira, India



112 years ago, in the humble village of Thalachira, located in Kottarakkara, Kollam, a small group of 13 families came together to establish the Salem Mar Thoma Church. Their journey commenced within the confines of a simple palm-thatched shed. Through the passage of time, the church has experienced remarkable growth and now caters to a congregation of 302 families, culminating in the creation of a splendid new place of worship. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Reverend Vinoj Varghese, the dedicated Vicar, Paul P. George, the Convenor of the new church construction committee, and all the devoted committee members. In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we have meticulously chosen high-quality audio equipment for the new church. We've forged a partnership with Turbosound, a company celebrated for receiving the prestigious Queen's Award on three separate occasions. Furthermore, their audio systems are supported by endorsements from renowned artists like Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, and Iron Maiden, establishing them as unparalleled in the Kollam and Kottarakkara region. This accomplishment signifies a significant milestone for Zacs and Phils, who played an integral role in bringing the new church building to fruition. With scrupulous attention to detail, we have finely tuned the audio systems to ensure the highest sound quality for the Salem Mar Thoma Church in Thalachira. Our goal is to provide comprehensive sound coverage, guaranteeing a captivating fusion of musical performances and inspiring sermons, thereby enhancing the spiritual experience for all within the Salem Mar Thoma Church in Thalachira. This achievement has been made possible thanks to the new Turbosound NuQ Series and IP Series speakers, powered by Behringer amplifiers, and Audio-Technica India microphones,Yamaha Mixing Console ensuring even coverage and a seamless frequency response. Every seat now enjoys the same high-quality sound.


Turbosound NuQ102 6Nos (Church Main Hall)
Turbosound IP82 2Nos (Balcony Area)
Behringer EUROLIVE B212D 3Nos (Monitoring Speakers)
Behringer KM 1700 3Nos
Audio Technica U859QL + AT8668s 1Nos
Audio Technica U859QL + AT8662 1Nos
Audio Technica MB1K 15Nos
Marani 260P+ DSP 1 Nos
AKG WMS 40 1 Nos
Yamaha MGP 32 1 Nos
Sennheiser XSW 2-ME3-A 1 No


The 50-member choir's seating arrangement was set in front of the altar, with microphones positioned in front of the speakers. In order to achieve effective sound coverage in the spacious church, our team conducted a sound simulation using EASE, the industry-standard software for sound and acoustics. This simulation enabled us to refine the speaker specifications before proceeding with the installation. Fortunately, the church's acoustics posed relatively few challenges. Given that the church was located in a village, we had to work with a tighter budget compared to town parishes. This required us to create a bill of quantities (BOQ) that aligned with the available budget, which proved to be a challenging task.


We recommended installing 6 Turbosound NuQ102 speakers in the church's main hall and 2 Turbosound iNSPIRE iP82 speakers for the balcony area. These choices were made because both speaker models are full-range, capable of delivering a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20 kHz (-10 dB), and have a nominal dispersion of 100° horizontal and 60° vertical at -6 dB points, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the church's large area.To power the speakers, we selected amplifiers from Behringer, known for their reliability and performance. Additionally, we opted for an analog mixing console from Yamaha to manage the audio signals effectively. This combination of equipment was chosen to provide high-quality sound reinforcement for the church's diverse needs. The client had previously toured venues where system integrators Zacs and Phil had carried out installations, and they were quite impressed with the work completed. Zac and Phil, known for their expertise in church audio solutions, were confident in recommending Turbosound speakers poweredby Behringer amplifiers. This confidence stemmed from their successful installation of Turbosound speakers in a church in Cochin eight years ago, which continues to deliver exceptional sound quality.


Reverend Vinoj Varghese, the dedicated Vicar, and Paul P. George, the Convenor of the new church construction committee, expressed their profound satisfaction upon hearing the beautiful, clear, and harmonious sound produced by the installed audio system in their church. The system received high praise from the esteemed priest of the Mar Thoma Church following the dedication ceremony of the new church.