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Enhancing the audio experience within an acoustically challenged space

St. Thomas Church, Vallachira
Thrissur, India



Places of worship hold significant importance for many individuals as it’s a space to reflect, seek clarity and connect with the divine. And we are happy to share that we recently worked with St. Thomas Church in Vallachira, Thrissur to enhance their audio experience within the acoustically challenged space.


The church has reflective glossy tiles and lacked wall treatments for better acoustics. This resulted in disruptive sound reflections, echoes, and reverberations. These factors compromised the intelligibility of spoken words and the quality of musical renditions during teachings and prayers. To tackle this challenge, our expert system integrators stepped in with a comprehensive solution.

This project was an interesting challenge, as teams had to overcome the constraints of a limited budget and a tight timeframe while working to create a superior audio system in an acoustically challenging space.


In such cases, focusing on the essentials becomes crucial. We strongly recommend engaging an experienced audio professional who can optimize the system's configuration, speaker placement, and calibration, to ensure the best possible audio performance within the given constraints. Their expertise can effectively mitigate issues and maximize the effectiveness of the installed equipment.

After careful evaluation by Zacs and Phils, the Tannoy VLS series of speakers were selected - renowned for their suitability in architecturally sensitive spaces which require background/foreground music and speech reinforcement. To address the challenge of excessive bass buildup and muddiness, the decibels of the subwoofers were adjusted in reverberant areas. Additionally, the subwoofer levels were finetuned through equalization. Lastly, they were strategically placed to achieve a balanced and controlled low-frequency response.


Tannoy VLS


The results were transformative! The once acoustically challenged environment now resonates with richness and remarkable audio intelligibility. The Tannoy VLS series proved its mettle by delivering an outstanding sound experience that surpassed all expectations, enveloping the space in an exceptional audio ambience.

At Alphatec, our range of capabilities will always be as wide and diverse as your needs. Be it Audio-Visual solutions for a spiritual space such as a church or a large entertainment venue, our purpose is to offer end-to-end reliable, cost-effective, and premium solutions, at scale.