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Reaching the divine with a sound solution

St Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church,
Pattoor, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Led by

Dwayne Das & Mayank Gaurav

Completed on

24 August 2021

Client Experience




As one of the oldest churches, the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church wanted to reach its seekers with crystal clear sound. For this, it needed to achieve excellent speech intelligibility in the reverberant space of the church. It required a system that could also work well for low frequency requirements for musical and live applications.


The church needed sound solutions that let their congregants experience the richness of a live performance. Providing clear, powerful and engaging sound experiences - whether seekers were far away in their seats or up close on stage was a challenge. By liaising with Zacs and Phils, AV Integrators from, Kochi and the Director, Mr. Manu Philip, the church revamped their sound system with a Tannoy VLS performance with turbosound active subs.


Tannoy VLS 15 with its tight asymmetrical vertical coverage was chosen to spread the effect. Being one of the flagship brands of Alphatec, we were given the task of completing the Audio Video installation. Knowing just how well Tannoy passive column works in reverberant spaces, we handpicked the right column model as it also fitted the client’s budget.

This solution was based on the success of the Basilica of Our lady of Mount Carmel and St Joseph in a previous project. The VLS30 was chosen in front, along with VLS15 in delay for mid-high frequency bands – while low frequencies were delivered using Turbosound M18B subs which were hung on the wall. Alphatec All-star Dwayne Das shared his technical inputs to reveal the best location possible to mount the subs with FoH Tannoy VLS30 speakers. This was designed to fit a scenario where the performers will be located very near to subs and columns on wall on left side of the church.

The production of audio, that is the vocal sermons of the Priest, the keyboard music with choir-vocal singers’ audio production sounded awesome with excellent clarity, depth and effect. What we needed, we finally got, in the most beautiful combination.

On behalf of the Church Committee - Manoj Kurian Koshy, Former Head, Construction Projects & Maintenance, LULU GROUP, Muscat, Sultanate of OMAN


Tannoy VLS30
Tannoy VLS15
Turbosound M18B
Behringer DR110DSP
Behringer PK112A

Labgruppen PDX3000

Mixers and DSP:
Behringer X32
Behringer DCX2496

Microphones and Accessories
Audio Technica ATW-13F
Audio Technica PRO49QL
Audio Technica AT8662
Behringer DI100


The results from Tannoy columns were divine, literally, especially for the size of the church. The church itself, was excited to see the speech clarity and musical delight offered by the complete system.