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a top-tier audio experience at a kochi bar

Velocity Bar
Kochi, India



In the dynamic realm of Audio and Video technology, Alphatec have established itself as a leading provider of reliable end-to-end Audio-Visual solutions. It is with great excitement that we share our recent collaboration with Velocity, a chic lounge bar in Kochi’s business district to help them create an exceptional audio experience for their valued patrons.


Velocity faced the challenge of loud audio systems. Specially, since the audio sets the tone an ambience at uber-luxurious bars and nightclubs, the client was looking for a solution that would provide a top-tier audio experience! So, after many discussions and ease simulations with our local Audio-Visual integrators Zacs and Phils, from Kochi and the Director, Mr. Manu Philip, Velocity revamped their bar!

State-of-the-art equipment, including the acclaimed Tannoy VX6 speakers renowned for their exceptional audio reproduction, Behringer subwoofers to enrich the low-frequency response, and Behringer Class D amplifiers for optimal power management was chosen to swiftly resolve the issue at hand. We are thrilled to share that Velocity has now become the first establishment of its kind in Kerala to feature the renowned Tannoy dual concentric speakers.


The upgrade not only rectified the audio quality but also added to the luxurious ambience of the bar. Our dedication to reproduce the most truthful sounds aligned perfectly with Velocity's goal to create an elite lounging experience for their guests. With this successful project, we have solidified our mission to expand into new markets while continuously delivering end-to-end reliable AV solutions.

Here is a glimpse of the feedback received from our esteemed client: “We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of using Tannoy Speakers, as the system seamlessly integrates with various areas, offering outstanding sound dispersion and coherence, and unparalleled quality… Customers have been talking non-stop about the quality of the music!”


Tannoy VX6
Behringer Class D amplifiers


We extend our gratitude to Velocity Bar for choosing Zacs and Phils and Alphatec as their Audio-Video expert partners. We look forward to exceeding client expectations and creating innovative solutions that elevate audio experiences across various industries and diverse spaces. If you're looking to transform your establishment's audio experience or explore the possibilities of cutting-edge AV solutions, please reach out to us. We are here to deliver excellence and take your audio journey to new heights!

After many discussions and ease simulations, we were able to choose products that achieve desired levels of output and deliver a sweet and crystal clear clarity at the venue which has increased overall customer satisfaction.