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Public Address Systems

Making essential transport hubs safer

Airports and other large transport hubs call for critical announcements delivered to a large audience from staff to passengers and most importantly, emergencies. In such a scenario where broadcast announcements are the norm, seamless functioning is an absolute must. The size of the venue and portability concerns are some factors that play a vital role.

A powerful sound is achieved through a system that has high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This ensures that every announcement, whether it is live, digitally stored, text-to-voice, or pre-recorded is at an adequate level above the ambient noise environment. Thus, the sound reaches loud and clear to every person concerned.

What Alphatec does?

Alphatec has extensive expertise in delivering unique solutions with advanced professional audio-visual devices and equipment. We understand that the goal of a good Public Address System design is intelligibility of messages under various noise levels. That’s why, we work at various crucial touchpoints to reach out to a maximum number with maximum clarity. Together, it helps grab audience’s attention and helps them respond without any confusion.

Our Solutions

PA/VA for Transport Hubs

PA/VA for Modern Age Buildings

IP based PA/VA

Induction Loop Solutions (Assistive Listening System)

Sound Masking

ADA Compliant Signages


Visual Announcements and Signages


Our top projects

India International Convention & Expo Centre
Jio World Center, Mumbai
London Palladium Theater
Biswa Bangla Convention Center, Kolkata
Hong Kong Convention Center

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