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Veeryavanta Pariat Bhide (aka Veeru)

Home Theatre Maven
I work like a medley, if you will, mixing the demands of a space with the finest AV and IT automated systems, to create a complex collective.

A highly-developed sense of sound and visuals and how it behaves, especially in smaller spaces, characterises Veeru. The technically-savvy Veeru exhibits world-class proficiency in home cinema, high-end stereo music systems, distributed audio and video systems, IT integration for media management across the home and devices, integration and automation of lighting, security, intercom, and entertainment.
Veeru nurtured a keen sense of music from an early age as a vocalist and lead singer in his college years. As he sharpened his interest, he attained high levels of excellence in the different dimensions of home entertainment and automation. His breakthrough came in 2009 when he implemented and commissioned India’s first custom-designed home cinema showroom. Since then, he quickly climbed the ranks and has worked on multiple complex home projects in Singapore, London, and several Indian cities. He specialises in project management, along with conceptualising, integrating, and implementing complex AV and IT automated home systems. He establishes a powerful synergy with interior design and architecture teams to achieve complex levels of acoustics - while maintaining ease of use and aesthetics. His notable achievements over the years include building UK’s most exclusive private home cinema (2020), the ‘seamless home’ – AV, IT, telephony and automation synced across all mobile and touchscreen devices (2019), putting together South East Asia’s most expensive video projection system in a home (2011), India’s first home automation and training centre for integrated AV home automation (2014), and India’s first HDBaseT centralised audio and video home project (2012).

Veeru’s humble approach, creative technique, and rich experience of over 17 years make him one of the most sought-after home AV professionals in the industry.

Right fit for

At Alphatec, he is the Head of Residential Systems. His signature work with the company includes taking world-leading brands such as Genelec and Christie into home projects across its range of clients. He creates the perfect home experience through an intelligent combination of cinema, music, and multi-room audio systems.


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