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A Spirit On Fire
Concise and clear messaging is at the heart of what I do in the complete product life cycle. I see it as both a great power and an immense responsibility.

Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in instrumentation engineering and a Master's Degree in operations management, Vinoth spent the early years of his career in sales and marketing, moving on to research and development at reputed organisations like EST, GE, United Technologies, and Ravel Elec. He garnered cross-country and cross-continent experience, while dabbling in myriad roles and capacities. As a technology head, he built a thorough technological expertise which gave him an edge and a niche going ahead, even as he transitioned back to business management. He gained strength in design and development for global markets, developing new and compliance-oriented products for Asia and India that needed deep knowledge and understanding.

In many ways, his career has given him a holistic view and full-fledged knowledge of the complete product and business life cycle: this includes the entire gamut from product development, to go-to-market strategies, to the sales and marketing, pricing and distribution, profit margins and more. Suffice it to say that his career journey has been a symphony of experiences, unique in many ways.

A renowned veteran in the fire safety industry responsible for introducing several industry-first and radical products and pioneering modern technology in several verticals, Vinoth has set new benchmarks and trends in the industry. He has rich and notable experience in systems for airports such as Chennai and Mumbai, metros and other transportation, including global ITeS players like Microsoft , Intel and on other enterprise verticals. His career-best accomplishments include establishing the Fire CoE (Center of Excellence) at GE India Innovation Centre (IIC), charting business growth for India and Export Markets including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and SAARC countries.

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With over 26 years of industry experience in Fire PA, VA and evacuation, safety systems, and a diverse background in sales, marketing, R&D, and business strategy, he drives Alphatec’s PA and VA solutions with deep domain knowledge and business acumen.


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